Step by Step Instructions to Setup Fitnus eWatch:

  1. Unbox your new Fitnus eWatch

  2. Remove the Activate Sticker to Turn On Fitnus eWatch.

  3. On the main unit you will see a USB charging end, and a non-charging end. To charge your unit insert the USB charging end into a USB Charging port. Note: your Fitnus eWatch does come pre charged and is ready to use out of the box.
  4. Apply the Fitnus eWatch wrist straps. These straps can go on either end, whichever is most comfortable for your daily use.

  5. Strap the eWatch to your left or right wrist. The unit should turn on. Touch the box on the face of the watch to light up the screen.
  6. Download the RUNMEFIT APP on your smartphone .

  7. In the bottom Middle you will see the Device settings. Once on the device screen, select Add Device.

  8. Your Fitnus eWatch is now connected to your smart phone. You will receive a pairing request to accept. You can also choose to accept notifications.

  9. In the device settings you can now change your watch face.
  10. In the ME settings under System Setup, you can change the UNIT measurements.

  Click here to download the Fitnus eWatch User Guide